The herd of sheep, one of the cows, the donkeys, and the horse all being barked at by our loyal kelpie mix Ms. Olive Juice.



Naked Acres Farm operates on 75 acres of land in Beavercreek, Oregon. The farm’s owners/operators, Margo and Gus Liszka, maintain a dynamic operation that includes livestock, chicken eggs, produce, and soap. The farm’s paramount commitment is to land stewardship and animal welfare, based on sustainable and regenerative agriculture practices and humanely raising livestock in accordance to the high standards set forth by A Greener World. Margo and Gus produce food with a strong commitment to improving the environment, community, and supporting their family so that they can continue farming for years to come in an economically viable and ethical lifestyle.


Naked Acres Farm is a diversified full-time family farm that provides healthful foods grown sustainably and ethically direct to our local communities.


We have a host of values that guide our business. These include:

  • Growing quality meats, vegetables, and eggs.

  • Being a role model for other small/family farms.

  • Providing transparency to customers and community.

  • Maintaining direct customer interactions.

  • Educating about where and how food is grown.

  • Maintaining the highest animal welfare standards.

  • Restoring and improving the soils and land which the farm manages.

  • Cultivating farming community and being a participant in the larger communities.

  • Enjoying profitability of the farm to benefit our family and farm.