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Posted by Gus on September 12, 2012 at 1:25 PM

Well, we have gone from spring to fall in a blink. The summer has been full of great produce and a lot of work! Of course there has been a little fun time squeezed in there but not much given it is our first year. Amazing that we started this farm from scratch only 9 months ago!

Our chickens are full grown now. The hens are half-way to full laying production which is really nice:) We butchered 11 roosters last Friday leaving us with two to look over the flock; Mr. High-Ho Silver and Papa Jo. They are the best roosters out of the bunch and gentle with the ladies. 

New to the farm this summer is Olive Juice, our Kelpie/McNab puppy. Well, she's just 6 months now, so mid-puppy age and full of energy! Olive is incredibly smart and learns so fast I can hardly keep up. She knows how to stay out of the rows and goes entirely around them simply to get to me when I am on the other side of a row only 2 feet away. I am constantly impressed with her and so happy to have a canine companion at my side again since the loss of my beloved Sammy last year. 

Jack the dog is doing well also. He is a rather lazy LGD though. He likes to keep the goats by the barn most of the time rather than walking with them to their preferred grazing areas. They wait for him to fall asleep and then wander off to eat brush. When he wakes up and the goats are 'missing' he takes off running and barking to chastise them back up the hill and by the goat barn. It is funny to watch the whole scenario unfold a few times each day. 

We have 2 new goats with us now, 5-Spot and Columbine. They belong to Carrie with Mama Tee's Farm. They are both in milk so we are getting about 3/4 gallon at each milking. Our pygora and nubian/oberhasli girls look pretty tiny next to these two full sized dairy goats! If your in need of fresh goat milk, give us a call or stop on by. We have plenty!

We had our last Cully market this past Sunday. It was a wonderful turn out and actually had our best day since the first day. We really enjoyed the Cully community. It was great getting to know the other vendors and our favorite regular customers. The Cully volunteers really do an incredible job at keeping things going smoothly, making everyone feel welcome and keeping it fun-even on slow days. A big thenk you to the Cully volunteers!

The Lents International Farmers Market at SE 92nd and Foster is still going through October. We are there Sundays from 11am-4pm so come on down and visit us.

We started a new market mid-season at the Lloyd Market located in the big gazebo at 820NE Halsey St. We are there Thursdays from 10am-2pm through September. We will be there Tuesdays from 10am-2pm through the winter as soon as the summer market ends. We have really enjoyed this market as well. Most of the people here work in the office buildings in the immediate vicinity and visit the market on their breaks.

We are in full fall harvest and preserving season now. It is amazing how 20 pounds of tomatoes all juiced and ready to cook down for sauce ends up being so little sauce! Granted, we have been using mostly heirloom tomatoes until this week when our saucing tomatoes started ripening up. Every few days we gather up all of the ripe tomatoes that either didn't sell at market or are too ripe for market and then turn them into paste or sauce. We still have to make our ketchup and BBQ sauce for the year. The blackberries are plentiful and we have made a batch or two of low sugar Jam but there just isn't enough time in the day to do everything and I'm getting worried that the berries will pass on before I can pick more! We'll see how much gets done this year and be able to plan better for next year. 

As for right now, we have a lot more to keep us busy clear through until next spring, I'm sure! We always love having guests come out and visit or even volunteer a little bit of time on the farm so come on out:) 

Hopefully this won't be the last update until December....

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Reply Riley
10:17 AM on November 9, 2012 
Whoa you have a blog! :D I was trying to figure out if you have a website... this is the next best thing. Please do update... love to hear how you guys are doing.

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